Large Cleanup vs Drain and Refill

          • Have you drained your spa in the last 4-6 months?
          • Are the chemicals getting harder to balance?
          • Is the water discolored but little to no debris at the bottom of the spa?

A drain and refill is probably all you need to get everything back on track. A drain and refill is just that. The water is drained out, the spa is wiped out (no scrubbing), it is refilled with fresh water and the chemicals are balanced.

  • Has the spa been sitting without a cover collecting debris?
  • Is there a film or buildup stuck to the insides of the spa?
  • Has the spa been empty with dirt or foilage needing to be removed?

In this case a large cleanup is needed. Prior to draining the spa all internal pipes and equipment are cleaned. Then the spa is drained, scrubbed and wiped clean. Once everything is completely clean the spa is refilled with fresh water, chemicals are balanced, the cover is cleaned and a UV protectant applied. If a spa requires a serious cleanup with an extra drain and refill like the one to the left, an additional charge will apply.

Buying a Home with an Above Ground Spa?

  • Most home inspectors don’t inspect above ground spas nor do they have the training to know what to look for. If you are in the process of purchasing a home with an above ground spa we can do a full inspection and provide you with a detailed spa report.
  • After purchasing the home and you have questions about basic care, give us a call. We’d be happy to help!
  • Still have questions? Make an appointment for a technician to come out and give you a full spa tutorial on maintenance, chemical balancing, tips that will help extend your spas lifespan and more!

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